We can help you with every aspect of your tax preparation and planning, including individual, partnership, and corporate tax returns.  Our goal is to prepare your taxes with all the recent tax law changes, taking all the deductions you're entitle to, to minimize your tax liability, and to maximize your tax refunds.
Client Services Include:

YEAR-ROUND SERVICE -- For all your tax needs.

TAX CONSULTATION -- We can estimate your tax return under no obligation to file with us.

REVIEW of PRIOR YEARS TAX RETURN -- Not happy how your taxes were prepared or just need an explanation?  We can review, and if needed, file an amended return for any identifying errors or overlooked deductions.
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2013 Filing Season
Begins on
January 31, 2014
AMENDED  RETURNS -- We can amend your tax return free of charge in some cases as long as we prepared the original tax return.

COPIES OF YOUR TAX RETURN --  Bring your own CD or Thumb Drive for a PDF copy of your Tax Return.  E-Mail is also available.  We keep five years of your tax returns on hand; we can also help you get a Tax Transcript from the IRS.

ELECTRONIC FILING -- We E-File all your current  year income tax returns. (at no additional cost)  Personal or Business - Federal & State. 

AUDIT ASSISTANCE -- Receiving an audit notice from a tax agency is a dreadful thing but you are not alone.  We can help you prepare for an audit, explain how your tax return was prepared, and can appear with you at the audit.  (I am not a tax attorney)

CORRESPONDENCE ASSISTANCE -- We can help you with any correspondence you received from any tax agencies.
ITIN NUMBERS -- Will apply for an ITIN number for you and/or your dependents.